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miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

Joseph Hallinan: Por que nos Equivocamos tanto

Why We Make Mistakes now in paperback! * The Dirty Truth 2/24/2010 Question: Why do we keep making the same mistake over and over? Answer: Because we fail to identify the root cause of the mistake to begin with -- a tendency researchers call, "misattribution." Example: Washing your clothes. Say you get a stain on your shirt. You throw the shirt in… Headlines by FeedBurner Why We Make Mistakes Read the full blog post here... WHY WE MAKE MISTAKES "snappy prose...vastly informative..." —Booklist Read more praise Now available in paperback! Why We Make Mistakes gives a dozen or so chapters on the kinds of errors we all make—and some of the reasons behind them. If you want a feel for what kinds of errors we talk about, check out some excerpts, both below and here. Or, of course, you can always buy the book. You can see the U.K. edition here. This website is also a resource for all your mistake needs. You'll find links (updated!) to some of the most recent research on human error, as well as links to real-life examples of these errors. I also encourage you to send me your own videos or links of other examples of human error—the funnier, the better (it also helps if they're true). If I mention your items in my blog, I'll be sure to give you credit.

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